A private online degustation of Japanese tea


We invite you to a private online tea tasting session right at your home: bring your colleagues, friends or family in a circle and let’s connect for a degustation of the Japanese tea. We will send you a box of tea by mail and during this online meeting:

  • We will be preparing and tasting three out of eight Japanese teas sent to you by mail. 
  • We will analyze this tea as tea masters do it. 
  • You will learn how Japanese tea is made – from planting a tea plant to tasting the tea. 
  • You will learn more about traditional and modern methods of tea preparation and specialized teaware.
  • We will discuss Japanese culture and the importance of the tea ceremony. 

How this degustation will be held? 

  • First of all, please order a degustation on our e-shop for your or/and your friends‘ family. If it is a present, we will send you a gift voucher within 1 working day. 
  • We will send you a set of Yugen Tea Japanese teas, specially assorted for the tasting, to the self-service parcel terminal. 
  • We will meet at the designated time on Zoom. Together we will taste three teas, you will learn more on how the Japanese tea is being grown and prepared, its types, culture, you will hear some stories straight from the fields where this tea has been grown. 

Price for the degustation includes: 

A set of 8 different Japanese teas from Yugen Tea collection.

  1. Gyokuro tea from Master Uejima-san – 5 g
  2. Sencha tea from farmer Ryo-san – 10 g
  3. Green tea with rice from farmer Akky-san – 10 g
  4. Kukicha tea from Master Osada-san – 10 g.
  5. Hojicha tea from farmer Akky-san – 10 g. 
  6. Kyobancha tea from farmer Akky-san – 10 g.
  7. Oolong tea from Master Osada-san – 10 g. 
  8. Black tea from farmer Osamu-san – 10 g. 
  • A presentation about the tea culture (from the tea plant to the tea, tea preparation and tasting subtleties); tasting three teas in practice. 
  • Postage costs – delivery of the tea set to the self-service parcel terminal. 

Price: 30 EUR + 19 EUR * number of participants/ tea sets

A platform for a meeting: Zoom

Duration of the meeting: 1 hour

Date: is arranged individually on a mutual agreement.

You need to have the teaware for preparing the tea – you can use tea pots which you can find at home, in case you don‘t have one, you can check our Yugen Tea e-shop. 


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