Farmer Osamu-san black tea, wakoucha, 50g


Wakoucha is a Japanese black tea. While Japan is well known as the country of green tea, black tea also has its history there. In the 19th century, this tea was popular to export. Now wakoucha is experiencing a second rebirth. Only the Chinese tea plant (Camellia sinenis var sinensis) is grown in Japan, which is different from the Indian type of plant (Camellia sinensis var assamica). For this reason, the taste of wakoucha is different from the well-known taste of Indian black tea. Wakoucha has a light, non-bitter, naturally sweet taste, therefore normally it is drunk without sweeteners or milk.

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Flavor: light, naturally sweet
Aromas: forest, with sweet honey note
Color: dark amber
Ingredients: black tea
Place of origin: Wakuza, Japan
Harvest: first, May, 2020

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Preparation guide

The taste of tea in our cup is determined by the following factors:

Preparation method:

Various tea making techniques and strategies are available according to individual needs. Recommended preparation method of Yugen Tea:

Japanese brewing (3-4 brews):

Western brewing (1-2 brews):

The quality of tea leaves: the quality of tea leaves is determined not only by the master’s work, but also by the following storage conditions. To extend the expiration date, an unopened green tea package can be stored in a refrigerator. After opening the package, it is recommended to store the tea in a sun-proof package or airtight container in a cool place, as far away from moisture and smells as possible.

The quality of water: a cup of tea consists of 99% of water, therefore, its quality is no less important than a tea itself. The most suitable water for the tea is soft and as close as possible to neutral pH, with a low mineral content (50-100 mg/l). Usually, tap water in Lithuania is heavy, therefore, for best possible results, you should choose filtered or spring water. During boiling, water loses oxygen, thus it is recommended to never boil the same water more than once.

About the farmer

The story of Osamu-san begins with the acquaintance of his best team member – his wife. We met Osamu-san’s wife by chance. I was fascinated by her modest and sincere pride in her husband’s passion and love for tea. Her stories of her husband’s self-realization discovered in the tea fields intrigued me to know this farmer better.
As a child, Osamu-san read the book ‘Heida’, which tells a story of a girl from the Alps and her life surrounded by nature. Osamu-san, who grew up in the city, was amazed by the stories of this book and decided to try this way of life for himself. At first, Osamu-san thought about raising cows, but an inner voice prompted him to become a tea farmer. He studied and practiced with local tea masters in the Uji region and founded his farm more than 10 years ago. Osamu-san’s mission is not only to responsibly grow and produce delicious tea, but also to remind about the uniqueness of nature for those who have forgotten. Osamu-san is one of the few farmers producing black tea – wakoucha. While the traditional sencha tea is highly valued by the farmer, wakoucha is a favorite tea of his and his wife.


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