Master Osada-san culinary matcha tea, 50g/20g


Grown up with great care and love for the nature, the first harvest’s Osada-san matcha powder is a perfect match for those delicious matcha infused culinary ideas. With this bright green powder, intense and rich umami taste, you can enrich cakes, salad dressings and a bunch of other dishes.


Flavor: lightly sweet and freshing
Aromas: fresh summer fields
Color: crystal yellow
Ingredients: green tea
Place of origin: Muromachi-mori Japan
Harvest: May, 2020

* Product appearance may slightly differ from the product photo.

About the farmer

The Osada family is one of the leaders in the Japanese organic tea industry. The Osada family not only nurtures their tea fields, but has also brought together more than 30 organic tea farms in Shizuoka Prefecture in the last 30 years. The Osada family buys a farmer’s so-called aracha tea from their fields and small family farms. Tea from different farms is produced separately, allowing for a unique taste and the highest quality to remain. When asked what led him to the establishment of the organic farm, the master Osada-san replied that it was the desire of his family and other farmers of the area to drink the best natural teas, eat natural vegetables and taste the best fresh mountain river water. As the master says, nurturing an organic farm makes a person more caring for the tea plant and helps him to understand it. The whole journey of learning has allowed him to experiment and create the best flavors possible.


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