Magazine Eighty° No. 06


One of the biggest achievements in the tea enthusiasts community is the tea magazine „Eighty degrees“. It is successfully running for two years in a row. It is full of valuable tea stories and wonderful photographs. It contains 144 pages and is written in English.

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Authors write about the issue no.6. 

Issue 06

Hello spring! To honor this important season in the life of tea, we bring you a new issue packed with stories about the transience of this beverage and the world around it.

In this issue, we explore the accidental but legendary origins of black tea in China.

Gwen Chesnais compares the struggles of China accepting wine with those of tea in the West.

We examine how various temperatures affect our brew and how cold we can actually go.

In the never-ending strive to search for great teas we should not forget to appreciate some of the humbler leaves for they deserve their own special place.

Should a broken thing be discarded and replaced? Or can it be fixed and improved, making it even more valuable? Kintsugi is an ancient philosophy that can teach us a lot about our modern lives.

Turkey, Japan, India. We will drink the mountain with a hermit, but also experience the highest sophistication of tea cuisine.

All this and much more on 144 pages of beautiful, uncoated paper.

Note: All photographs are taken by authors. 


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