Gift card: Private creative tea workshop


Tea ritual can be much more than a social connection or a meditation – it can be fun!  Get creative by making your tea original – creating your own blends with natural fragrant ingredients. This is what you will learn in a creative tea workshop. 

Tea master Giedrė Trumpienė will introduce you to the basics of tea blending. During the workshop, you will create, taste and grade three tea blends and will create one to bring home and share with your loved ones. 

To arrange a private tea workshop, please contact us on

During the tasting

  • You will taste and grade different tea blends.
  • You will learn the basic tea blending principles. 
  • You will create, taste and grade three different tea blends and one to bring home and share with your loved ones.


Duration: 1.5 hours.

Location: Yugen Tea bar-studio, Užupio st. 24, Vilnius (Jonos Mekos draught).

Private tasting*: the time is arranged individually according to your availability. For tasting data and time, please contact –

Group tasting*: we organize it once a month for groups. 8-13 participants take part in the tasting. For the next tasting date and time, please e-mail by mail –

We issue gift vouchers Monday-Friday. If you want to receive a gift voucher on the weekend, contact us (Yugen Tea bar-studio +37068314686)

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Attention: the tasting can be canceled at least 3 days before the event. If the tasting is canceled less than 3 days before, the money will not be refunded.

About the host

Giedrė Trumpienė is a certified tea master, experienced traveler, founder of Yugen Tea. Giedre’s tea journey started while she was still in high-school. Her interest for the tea culture led her to the university studies of Asian cultures and languages. While studying, Giedrė spent a year living in Japan, learning the subtleties of Japanese culture, the tea ceremony and the art of Japanese pottery in practice. Giedre has also lived in Australia, where she was lovingly making tea for locals, finished a Certified Tea Master Course and attended a Tea Blending course, held by Australian Tea Masters. She then deepened her knowledge by having a practice in the tea fields of Uji region, Japan, in the spring of  2020. Now, Giedrė came back to Lithuania, wishing to lovingly share her expertise on tea and aiming to inspire the culture of tea in her homeland Lithuania.


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