Sakura tea caddy and a teaspoon


Kabazaiku is a unique Japanese fashioning technique in which a bark from wild cherry trees is used. Kabazaiku tea caddies are greatly loved for their aesthetics and their ability to absorb moisture. The ability to absorb moisture is crucial for proper tea preservation. A double lid helps to keep your tea airtight. The art of making kabazaiku is passed from parents to their children. When making kabazaiku, if bark is properly taken off, the cherry tree itself is not being damaged and the bark grows back again within a few years.

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Kabazaiku was created by Ichiko Soden who later told his knowledge to his children. Later it became practiced by samurais and spread all around the country. In 1976, kabazaiku was officially acknowledged as a national craft. Even though the place of origin and a center of this craft is known to be Kakunodate city in Akita prefecture, it is practiced all around Japan. Nowadays there are around 150 workshops of kabazaiku craft in Japan. Some other countries also produce kabazaiku inspired crafts, however for the highest quality we recommend to choose only kabazaiku that has been authentically crafted in Japan.

About Yayangi company

Sakura tea caddies and a teaspoon have been made by the Yayangi company in Kakunodate village, Akita prefecture, where this craft originates from. The main aim of these craftsmen is to enrich your daily life while bringing a piece of nature’s beauty to your home.

Size/capacity: 150 g,7.5×12 cm

Material: tea caddy – metal, covered in the Sakura tree bark. A teaspoon is covered in the Sakura tree bark.



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