Žurnalas Eighty° nr.7


Vienas didžiausių arbatos bendruomenės džiaugsmų ir pasiekimų – jau antrus metus leidžiamas žurnalas „Eighty degrees“. Tai įdomiomis istorijomis ir fotografijomis pripildytas 144 psl. leidinys anglų kalba.

Prieinamumas: Turime

Autoriai apie septintąjį leidinį.

Issue 07

Rediscovering the old through a new lens.⁣

In this issue, we trace the origins of white tea in China. ⁣⁣

An anthropologist explains what ‘quality’ means and what we should consider during tea valuations.⁣

We go back in time to learn about the inception of the speciality tea culture in Central Europe.⁣

What is the origin of Earl Grey tea? We investigate the facts of this famous blend.⁣

Why does mass-produced tea cost so little? We talk about the working conditions and human rights behind the tea label.⁣

Iran, Japan, USA. We perform with special Sichuanese kettles, taste a unique tea creation in Oregon, and look at some of the false claims of tea marketing . ⁣

All this and much more on 144 pages of beautiful, uncoated paper.

*Nuotraukos „Eighty degrees“ autorių

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