Hi, my name is Giedrė!

What is tea to me? First and foremost, it is an addiction to the insanely delicious taste and aroma. It’s a moment when you can stop and savour the flavours, notice and discover the beautiful everyday details. Tea is the subject of my work. After all, it’s so exciting to discover new flavours, to experiment and combine them!

My tea journey started more than 10 years ago, while I was still in high-school. Deep interest in tea culture led me to the university studies of Asian cultures and languages. while studying, I spent a year living in Japan, learning the subtleties of Japanese culture, the tea ceremony and the art of Japanese pottery in practice.

Giedre. Apie mus

The winds of my life took me to Australia. While living there, I lovingly brewed tea for the locals, completed Certified Tea Master Courses by Australian Tea Masters and Tea Blending Courses by Australian Tea Masters. I then had the opportunity to spend three remarkable spring months at the tea farm in Uji region in Japan where I had hands-on experience on the process of growing and making tea.

During my stay in Uji I realized that some of the sweetest moments of my life came with a cup of tea in my hands. Therefore, coming back to my homeland Lithuania, I am eager to share the tea stories and the most delicious cups of tea with you. Having discovered many extraordinary teas, I think it is unfair to keep all of it to myself.

Yugen Tea is a project that has been a long time in the making. After knowing and discovering so many wonderful teas, I decided it was unfair to keep it all to myself. The idea of opening a tea bar-studio in Lithuania, where I could make and tell you about tea for hours, was born. 

While visiting Japan, I have met Japanese farmers who love tea from the bottom of their hearts, making authentic, great tasting teas – yet undiscovered for the most part of Europe. That is when I decided to create a Yugen Tea online store – a bridge between you and small Japanese tea farms. I believe that the tea of every farmer I have met is a piece of art that reflects his worldview and passion. From the many incredibly delicious teas, I have selected the ones that I believe best reflect the character and spirit of that farmer. I wish you to search and discover your favourite flavours and moments.


Yugen Tea in the media:

What is Yugen?

Yugen is a Japanese aesthetic term for the subtle beauty of this world, experienced by observing the small details of our daily lives. It’s the moment you watch through the window, when a gust of wind blows the leaves off the trees and they move elegantly in the air. It’s a sense of aesthetics when you watch the tea leaves unfolding and find small but charming imperfections in your cup of tea.

Our values

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Quality in every detail is our biggest goal. We want to offer you teas and products that we truly believe in.

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I have met wonderful tea growers who love tea immensely. Each of them has an extraordinary story to tell and is as unique as the tea they produce. Among the many delicious teas, the teas selected for the Yugen Tea collection are the favourites of the artisans themselves, and have been chosen to reflect the attitude and identity of each farmer.

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Like everything around us, tea culture is constantly changing. We believe that traditional ways and expressions of making tea are time-tested, but we also aim to contribute to the modernisation of tea culture and its forms.

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Sincere communication is what brings people together and creates mutual understanding. Everything we do is sincere and wholehearted.

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A glimpse of the Japanese lifestyle and the aesthetics of yugen.

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We aim to create the best possible experience with the least amount of waste.