Rules for handling customer feedback


These Customer Feedback Rules set out the procedures for collecting, managing and publishing Customer Feedback on purchases made by IĮ Arbatos someljė.

A review is an open opinion about a product provided by a Customer who has purchased the product on the website and/or in the physical store.

Rating means a “score” given by the Customer on the website and/or in the physical store for a product purchased by the Customer in a 5 (five) star system.

Procedure for collecting feedback

The Company publishes authentic Reviews, i.e. Reviews created and submitted to the Company by Clients only. Only the length of the message can be corrected (shortening does not paraphrase or change the substance of the message), obvious grammatical and punctuation errors.

Reviews are left on the initiative of customers after they have purchased goods. The Website Administrator shall validate each Feedback individually by checking the customer’s e-mail address. the authenticity of the mail, thus ensuring that the Feedback comes from the person who purchased the goods.

Reviews can be left by registered and non-registered users who have purchased products from and/or the physical Yugen Tea store. The authenticity of reviews on the Facebook and Google platforms is ensured by authorising them through the Facebook and/or Google systems.

By submitting a review, customers shall also provide a confirmation that they agree to the Company making the review public, as well as a confirmation that they have read and understood the rules on the processing of customers’ personal data published in the Company’s Privacy Policy, which provides that the data provided by the customer will be processed for the purpose of identifying the customer in relation to the submitted review for 1 year from the date of the review.

The company publishes both positive and negative user reviews. The Company does not publish comments and must block comments that: relate to illegal activities; relate to politically sensitive activities; contain personal or other sensitive information (such as email addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, etc.); are offensive or not related to the Company’s services or brand; contain profanity, hate speech, discrimination, threats, etc. publicly displays only the name of the person who submitted the Feedback and the content of the Feedback. In line with legal requirements, the email. the postal address, telephone number or other information relating to the person who has submitted the Feedback is not published on legitimate grounds.

Users are not remunerated for Reviews in the Online Shop.

Final provisions

For the purpose of personal identification in relation to the submitted Feedback and/or Product Rating and in order to provide users with access to the experience and opinion (evaluation) of customers who have purchased products on the website and/or in the physical store, processes the personal data provided by the Customers. You can find out more about the processing of personal data in the Company’s Privacy Policy.

Individuals who consider that their rights have been infringed may contact the Company’s handling of Feedback by email. by email: or by phone +370 60374593.