Tea tasting

ant stalo patiekiama japoniska arbata

Get to know Japanese tea

You will learn to enjoy and appreciate teas the way professionals do.

japoniska arbata pilama i puodeli

Discover new flavours

Experience the palette of different Japanese teas and find your favourite.

Giedre Yugen Tea bare-studijoje su arbata

Enjoy a yugen moment

The tea tasting is a time of yugen moments of beauty, surrounded by modern Japanese aesthetics, to stop and enjoy the quality.

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Upcoming events

Private tea tastings
and studio rental

  • For a fun and informative time with friends or family, we invite you to a Japanese tea tasting. Hear inspiring tea stories and learn about the subtleties of tea making.
  • Celebrate your holidays, organise work meetings and events, and photo shoots in a Japanese aesthetic with a cup of tea.
Yugen Tea arbatos baras Vilniuje