Japanese tea tasting

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For inspiring stories, a cup of tea from Japanese farmers and an introduction to this magical drink, we invite you to a Japanese tea tasting!

During the tasting, tea connoisseur and founder of Yugen Tea, Giedrė, will introduce the history of Japanese tea, traditional and modern tea making techniques and utensils. Together you will prepare and taste five Japanese teas. You will be able to ask any questions you may have. You will learn how to make quality tea at home.

Language: lithuanian.

During the tasting

  • Learn about the tea tree and the main types of tea.
  • You will learn about the Japanese tea journey: from the leaf to the cup.
  • Taste and appreciate five Japanese teas from the Yugen Tea collection the way the professionals do.
  • You will hear tips on how to make Japanese tea at home.
  • Learn about tea utensils.
  • We will discuss the meaning of the Japanese tea ritual in today’s world.


Language: Lithuanian

Duration: 1.5 hours

Location: the Yugen Tea bar-studio, Užupio st. 24, Vilnius (Jonas Mekas Skersvejis).

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Please note: Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other goods and services if you do not attend the tasting.

Reservations can only be transferred by contacting Yugen Tea via email. email degustacijos@yugentea.lt at least 3 days (72 hours) before the event. You can only change your reservation once.

Cancellations made less than 3 days before the event are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable for other goods and services.

About the lecturer

Giedrė, the founder of Yugen Tea, has been analysing Japanese tea culture for more than 10 years. She has completed Certified Tea Master Courses by Australian Tea Masters and Tea Blending Courses by Australian Tea Masters, as well as an internship at a tea farm in Japan.

Giedrė shares, “After travelling to distant lands, learning everything I could, I came back to Lithuania with a mission to share my delicious cups of tea, coziness and Japanese aesthetic lifestyle. All the teas in the Yugen Tea collection come directly from farmers I have met in the tea fields of Japan.”

7 reviews for Japanese tea tasting

  1. English

    Puiki dovana


    The tea master knows her field very well, she talks in an engaging way. It was interesting to learn about the types of tea, its history, the method of preparation, and to learn to name the new flavors experienced. Specialness and authenticity are provided by traditional Japanese dishes used for tea preparation.

  2. English

    Laikas sau


    A wonderful experience and time for yourself. I was surprised by the variety of flavors, I was impressed by the variety of tea preparation methods. Time seems to have stopped, it’s a pleasure to listen and watch the tea making performance. Thank you for the new experience.

  3. English

    Japoniškos arbatos degustacija


    I really liked it!.. It was a meaningful time with our company – everyone discovered their new experiences, learned something interesting for themselves. It was a very pleasant delicious aesthetic experience.

    • English

      Yugen Tea

      Ačiū, Gintare, buvo malonumas priimti Jūsų smalsią grupę. Smagu, kad visiems patiko. Lauksime kitose degustacijose!

  4. English



    A great time spent. Thanks to the tea master Giedrė, I returned to Japan again. I recommend! A must for a tea lover 🙂

    • English

      Yugen Tea

      Esame dėkingi už nuoširdžią rekomendaciją, Jolanta! Džiaugiamės girdėdami, kad pavyko pojūčiais sugrįžti į Japoniją. Lauksime svečiuose ir vėl.

  5. English


    We came last Sunday for a teambuilding event, 9 of us pretty much unaware of the art of Japanese tea.
    It was a wonderful time, relaxed, warm, cozy, interesting and entertaining, …but most of all delicious. Everybody enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend to spend such quality time in this beautiful place
    Thank you Giedrė for sharing your beautiful passion, with sparkling eyes.

    • English

      Yugen Tea

      It was a delight to welcome your company, and we are grateful for your recommendation, Matthieu! Warm regards from Giedrė.

  6. English

    Japoniškos arbatos degustacija💯


    Saturday afternoon was cool, but the tasting of Japanese tea not only warmed us from the inside, but also “drenched” our brains with new information and experiences: Giedrė shared her knowledge from life in Japan, taught us how to properly prepare tea, distinguish their smells and aftertastes, and surprised us with tasting surprises at the end! We were all impressed and had a great birthday afternoon in the wonderfully cozy “Yugen Tea” teahouse. Thank you! We will definitely come back not only to drink tea and eat dessert, but also to deepen our knowledge in the next tasting 🙂

  7. Lithuanian

    Japoniškos arbatos degustacija

    Mano santykis su arbata buvo labai skeptiškas. “Geriu tik peršalus”. Bet pusantros valandos prabėgo per greitai, viskas buvo super įdomu, skanu, netikėta ir nauja, o išėjus iš degustacijos jau galvojau kada reiks eiti į kitą. Būtinai sugrįšiu ir rekomenduosiu visiems pažįstamiems! Ačiū 🍵

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