Sakura flowering festival with Yugen Tea at the Vingis branch of the VU Botanical Garden

One of the most anticipated spring festivals in Japan is hanami, the celebration of sakura blossoms. It is a celebration that invites you to stop and open up to the beauty of the moment, to enjoy the beauty of the abundance of flowers that bloom once a year.

For a Japanese moment of yugen aesthetics, we invite you to meet at the Vingis Department of the VU Botanical Garden. Surrounded by flowering sakura and nature, we will prepare a delicious Japanese matcha tea, you will be able to enjoy a couple of matcha and a small dessert. We will tell you about the subtleties of growing and making matcha tea.

Time: April 30 12-16 p.m.


Price of a cup of dessert and matcha tea (the number of desserts is limited) – 6.90 EUR

Matcha cup – 4.50 EUR

Entrance ticket to the botanical garden: EUR 5

* The event will not take place in rainy weather. Follow the news.

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