Master Taka-san premium sencha tea, 50g

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Taka-san premium sencha is the benchmark for the performance of traditional sencha tea. It is the best of the best of the best teas from Taka-san’s farm, which is why it is so important to the farmer’s family. Premium sencha is made from the youngest tea leaves. As the harvesting season for this tea approaches, the farmer travels to the fields early every morning to assess whether the leaves are ready to be cut today. According to him, carelessness and failure to feel the tea bushes can spoil the most anticipated tea harvest of the year. Perfectly balanced artisan sencha from the home of Japanese tea will give you the fresh aromas of summer fields and the pleasant aromas of the sea.


Taste: rich with pleasant hints of vegetables
Nose: fresh greenery with fresh cut grass and light sea notes
Colour of the tea: light yellowish, transparent
Ingredients: green tea
Place of origin: Asamiya, Japan

* Product appearance may slightly differ from the product photo.

Preparation guide

The taste of tea in our cup is determined by the following factors:

Preparation method:

Various tea making techniques and methods are available according to individual needs. Recommended preparation method of Yugen Tea:

Japanese preparation (3-4 infusions):

How to choose the right tea utensils?

Tea quality:The quality of the tea leaves is not only determined by the final result of the artisan, but also by the storage conditions of the suppliers and yourself. Green Japanese tea is particularly sensitive to the environment, therefore, the recommended consumption time of this tea is quite short. To extend the expiration date, an unopened green tea package can be stored in a refrigerator. After opening the package, it is recommended to store the tea in a sun-proof package or airtight container in a cool place, as far away from moisture and odours as possible.

The quality of water: a cup of tea consists of 99% of water, therefore, its quality is no less important than a tea itself. The most suitable water for the tea is soft and as close as possible to neutral pH, with a low mineral content (50-100 mg/l). Usually, tap water in Lithuania is heavy, therefore, for best possible results, you should choose filtered or spring water. During boiling, water loses oxygen, thus it is recommended to never boil the same water more than once.

About the Master

The tea tree came to Japan from China. It is believed that in the 8th century. Saichio, a Buddhist monk, brought back a tea tree seed and planted it at Heili Temple and Asamiya in Kyoto. The monk chose these places for a reason – the climate is most similar to the birthplace of tea. In 19th century In the middle of Asamiya, a samurai, an ancestor of farmer Taka-san, started a tea farm. Taka-san is a seventh-generation farmer whose family craftsmanship has been handed down through the generations and is reflected in every cup of tea. Asamiya tea fields are situated on mountain slopes up to 450 metres high. According to the master, nature itself grows and nurtures the tea bushes, and he is just a helper. In order to maintain a harmonious relationship with nature, the Taka-san family has been growing their teas naturally for 40 years. Although the farmer’s personal goal is to discover new and unconventional flavours, when asked what his favourite flavour of tea is, he does not hesitate to say the traditional sencha green tea.

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    Gabrielė B.


    This sencha is a discovery for me!! it’s called premium and master for a reason, because it really has an exceptional taste and quality 🙂

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    Perfect tasting tea.

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    Labai skanu.

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