Farmer Akky-san ceremonial Gokou matcha tea, 25g

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Japan in your cup
– discover Japanese flavors in your cup of ceremonial grade matcha tea, coming from one of the most famous authentic matcha tea towns – Wazuka.

Quality and freshness – Aky-san macha tea is grinded with special stone mills that produce only 30-40 grams of powder per hour. That ensures best possible quality of the powdered tea. To preserve the aroma and freshness, Aky-san matha tea is packed right at the tea farm. Before shipping it to you, we store our matcha in the fridge.

Perfect for matcha begginers – Aky-san and his team are true tea masters and that reflects in harmoniously balanced flavour of his matcha – Aky-san ceremonial grade matcha has lots of lingering sweetness and creaminess, therefore it is perfect for those just discovering the world of matcha.


Flavor: creamy and rich, with sweet umami note
Aroma: freshly cut grass and marina
Color: bright green grass
Ingredients: green tea
Place of origin: Wakuza, Japan

* Product appearance may slightly differ from the product photo.

Preparation guide

The taste of tea in our cup is determined by the following factors:

Preparation method:

Various tea making techniques and strategies are available according to individual needs. Recommended preparation method of Yugen Tea:

Preparation in a bowl:
preparation of matcha

The quality of tea leaves:
the quality of tea leaves is determined not only by the master’s work, but also by the following storage conditions. To extend the expiration date, an unopened green tea package can be stored in a refrigerator. After opening the package, it is recommended to store the tea in a sun-proof package or airtight container in a cool place, as far away from moisture and smells as possible.

The quality of water: a cup of tea consists of 99% of water, therefore, its quality is no less important than a tea itself. The most suitable water for the tea is soft and as close as possible to neutral pH, with a low mineral content (50-100 mg/l). Usually, tap water in Lithuania is heavy, therefore, for best possible results, you should choose filtered or spring water. During boiling, water loses oxygen, thus it is recommended to never boil the same water more than once.

About the farmer

Akky-san is an iconic and inspiring personality. His friendship with tea began more than 15 years ago, when Akky-san started to work on a tea farm. His heart has not left tea fields since. Akky-san fell in love with the tea fields of Wazuka town, left the university and became a tea farmer.
Akky-san knows and feels each of his tea bush, he is involved in and precisely supervises all stages of tea making. I had the honor of working with this farmer for three months. I was surprised and inspired by his passion for the tea and his established connection with the tea bush itself.
As soon as you open the package of Akky-san tea, you can feel the exclusiveness of this product. This tea is prepared from leaves and stems of various sizes. It is farmer’s aracha tea that has not undergone the secondary sorting, blending processes which are common in the industry. In this cup of tea, you will find leaves picked in just one day, so its taste is unique and depends on the nature of that season. Akky-san believes that aracha is like a family with different members. Small pieces of leaves are babies, healthy and beautiful leaves are adults and strong stems represent the elders. Just as in the family, where all the members live in harmony, so is a cup of aracha – every part complements each other and creates a unique harmony of taste.

6 reviews for Farmer Akky-san ceremonial Gokou matcha tea, 25g

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    I had the opportunity to taste various matcha teas from what can be found in Lithuania, but this one really surprised me! High quality can be felt just from the bright green color of the powder. Rich in deep taste, aroma and “creaminess”. Mild in comparison, it does not have the strong bitterness sometimes found in matcha teas. I really appreciate and enjoy this tea 🙂

  2. English



    I usually start my morning with this matcha. Very soft, creamy, I like to drink it with milk – matcha latte. I feel fresh and full of energy after it. I switched my morning cup of coffee to matcha and I don’t regret it at all! It’s like a little morning dessert. I recommend!

  3. English



    loved it, fast delivery

  4. English



    This matcha is very tasty and definitely suitable for beginners. I used to dislike matcha tea, but after this I fell in love with it all over again. This matcha is not bitter and has a nice creamy texture in the mouth after drinking.

  5. English



    This matcha has changed my mornings. Instead of a cup of coffee, I always choose Gokou matcha now. Preparing and tasting it is the most pleasant morning ritual.

  6. Lithuanian


    Pirmą kartą paragavau per degustaciją ir iki šiol čia yra mano mėgstamiausia matcha! Nereali spalva ir skonis!

  7. English



    The price is worth the quality.

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