Matcha whisk – chasen, 80 tine


This matcha chasen is for tea ceremony lovers who want to enjoy the handmade creations of a master craftsman. A large proportion of the chasen on the market are mass-produced in China. It comes from the Chikumeido Sabun workshop in Nara Prefecture, Japan. Kubo Sabun, who runs the workshop, is the twenty-fourth generation master of chasen making. Passed down from generation to generation for more than 500 years, family craftsmanship is recognised nationally and internationally. The master is recognised by the Japanese government as a representative of Japanese traditional arts, and in 2008 his work has been exhibited at the Louvre Museum, as well as in numerous other exhibitions.

The production of this tea ceremony tool requires a lot of care and time. The Chasen journey begins with the selection, preparation and production of the right bamboo. The chasen we offer has 80 tines and is designed to produce usucha-type matcha. If properly maintained, the whisk will last a long time and produce many delicious cups of tea.

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Made in Nara, Japan

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