Farmer Akky-san’s genmaicha tea powder, 50g


Genmaicha – a green tea with fried mochi rice. Like matcha, this tea powder has been ground and used in cooking. Genmaicha-flavored desserts and drinks are gaining popularity in Japan and around the world. The caramel flavor of fried rice and the freshness of green tea combine deliciously in drinks, cheesecakes, and other baked goods.

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The quality of tea leaves is determined not only by the final result of the craftsman but also by the storage conditions of the suppliers and you. After opening the package, storing it in a sunlight-proof package or storage container, as far as possible from moist and smelly places, is recommended.

Flavor: refreshing green tea and lightly roasted caramel like rice
Ingredients: green tea, roasted mochi rice
Place of origin: Wazuka, Japan

* Product appearance may slightly differ from the product photo.

About the farmer

Akky-san is an iconic and inspiring personality. His friendship with tea began more than 15 years ago, when Akky-san started to work on a tea farm. His heart has not left tea fields since. Akky-san fell in love with the tea fields of Wazuka town, left the university and became a tea farmer.

Akky-san knows and feels each of his tea bush, he is involved in and precisely supervises all stages of tea making. I had the honor of working with this farmer for three months. I was surprised and inspired by his passion for the tea and his established connection with the tea bush itself.


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